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Palin Power


Sarah is a superstar. Thursday’s highly anticipated face-off between Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Delaware senator Joe Biden was the most-watched vp debate of all time. Last night’s event was seen by nearly 70 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. That’s the most-viewed debate — presidential or vp — since at least the second […]

Dick Pleased


Dick Morris thinks Sarah Palin’s debate performance was big news. She showed originality, charisma and sass – a style that is refreshing and different in our politics. She didn’t just win the vice-presidential debate, she showed that she belongs with Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as among the best communicators of our modern political times. […]

7 Points


It’s not often that the two daily trackers are in agreement, but both Rasmussen and Gallup show Barack up 7%. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday again shows Barack Obama attracting 51% of the vote while John McCain earns 44%. For each of the past eight days, Obama has been at 50% […]

Sarah Sixpack


Were you thinking that last night might be the end of John McCain’s chances? When nervous, Palin has a tendency to over-enunciate her words like a graduate of the George W. Bush School of Oratory, but Thursday night she spoke like a normal person. It took her about 15 seconds to define her persona — […]

Great theater from Bill O’Reilly yesterday with Barney Frank, and his anger over Barney’s attempt to gloss over his statements in July indicating that everything was fine with Freddie and Fannie is justified. But if he’d spent more time talking and less ranting, perhaps he could have pinned Barney down about how he justified the […]

How’d She Do?


Newsbusters did a nice recap of ‘analysis’ from TV talking heads of Sarah’s performance last night. On NBC, Chuck Todd observed “those that were tuning in looking for some sort of car wreck, probably came away disappointed.” CBS’s Katie Couric proposed, without saying in which camp journalists fall, “the headline is Governor Sarah Palin did […]

Better Wright


Yesterday I posted an ad from the Judicial Network that attempts to make the country aware of the Obamafia. It was ok. Here’s an RNC version that’s stronger, I think. But for this to be done with the viciousness it warrents, aren’t we looking for a 527campaign of expensive truth telling?