Exposing Ayers


The Obama campaign is reacting quickly and harshly to Sarah Palin’s attempts to get the truth out about Bill Ayers.

Here’s a TV news report from a few weeks ago on the examination of documents regarding the close association between Ayers and Obama on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Knowing these attacks would be coming, the Obama campaign has the response ad ready to go.

David Brooks was on Face the Nation this morning saying that neither campaign, but particularly the McCain campaign, understands just how dramatically the race has been changed by the debacle on Wall Street. The standard accusations of too liberal, he says, no longer apply – and Republicans are not adapting to a new, post-conservative era.

4 Responses to “Exposing Ayers”


    It is now perfectly clear, Governor Palin and Senator McCain are not running the honorable campaign they promised in March.

  2. 2 Yankeegal

    Honorable as say, making fun of someone’s physical disabilities from years of torture and their inability to use a computer because of the pain it causes? Even Joe Biden was disgusted by that ad.
    The Obama campaign crossed the line a long time ago.
    Politics baby, politics…

  3. 3 Straight Talk on McCain

    If Palin wants to bring this up, she really needs to be careful. One of the people who McCain pals around with is G. Gordon Liddy, who was involved in the Watergate scandal and admitted in his autobiography to plotting to kill people. Oh, and on his radio show, he instructed people on the best way to kill government agents. http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/2008/10/domestic-terrorism.html

  4. 4 Yankeegal

    Funny,I don’t recall it was G. Gordon Liddy’s living room McCain launched his political career from.
    Meeting someone once is a little bit different from working on various groups like ACORN and sharing the same radical ideaology or sitting and listening to anti-American, racist sermons for twenty years.

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