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Worst Ever?


Was this John McCain’s worst debate performance ever? Or perhaps the worst debate performance by any presidential candidate in history? He was so uncomfortable, so tense, breathing so heavily, and speaking in such splintered patterns, that he failed to have impact, emotionally or intellectually, with most of his answers. 9:59 p.m. The debate is approaching […]

Tune in…


Todd anchors debate coverage from 7pm to midnite on WRKO in Boston tonight.

Here’s the infamous SNL skit from this past weekend starring George Soros and the Herbert and Marion Sandler – who are blamed in the piece for the subprime mortgage debacle – taken down from the show’s website for some reworking. If this link doesn’t work, it’s because NBC has made Youtube remove it – but […]

Pastor Problem?


Here’s something from Olbermann for ya on Palin’s Pastor Problem. The exposure of this misses the point – if this is as bad as Reverend Wright, for example, it doesn’t free Barack from responsibility for Reverend Wright – it heightens, and highlights, the need to know more about those who would be president.



Authorities in Kenya are, for some reason, as scared about having the facts of Barack’s past discussed as is the Obama campaign. NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The American author of a best-selling book attacking Barack Obama as unfit for the presidency was being deported from Kenya on Tuesday, a criminal investigations official said. Go figure. […]

Ayers Airs


Is the Obama campaign misrepresenting his strong ties to Bill Ayers? Of course. CNN, of all places, has actually done some reporting on this that adds some value. This piece makes a couple of very important points. First, that Barack’s political career was created by Bill Ayers, who, despite his utter lack of qualifications, made […]

Luffing Polls


It’s a confusing moment in the trend of the presidential race. On the one hand, the crisis economy makes it enormously difficult for any new storyline to be introduced, leaving voters wanting to extinguish all Republicans. On the other hand, the McCain campaign has started educating on the topic of Barack’s scumbag friends. Which should […]