Despite the 8 and 9 point edge that Rasmussen and Gallup give to Obama, Zogby is getting different results.

The race for President of the United States remains far too close to call between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain as both candidates head toward the finish line, a recent Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking telephone polls shows.

Polls aren’t created equal – different companies use different methodologies in analyzing data to create accurate portrayals of how a vote would turn out.

The survey, including a three-day sample of 1,220 likely voters collected over the previous three days – approximately 400 per day from Oct. 5-7, 2008 – shows that Obama holds a slight advantage amounting to 1.9 percentage points over McCain.

After last night’s debate, McCain is going to need every advantage moving forward. This poll shows a race so close that if the vote were held today, you can’t predict the winner.

The Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll, was conducted before Tuesday’s Obama-McCain debate. It was performed by live telephone operators in Zogby’s in-house call center in Upstate New York, included a total of 1,220 likely voters nationwide, and carries a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points.

Zogby claims to be the most accurate predictor of presidential races.


3 Responses to “Close?”

  1. 1 shirtsbyeric

    This happens every election. You’d think they would stop favoring the dems and the youth wouldn’t stay home on election day.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    If Obama wins, my simple reasons will be:

    1. The younger generation do not know how to think for themselves. Everything is organized for them, and they don’t like competition. Please, do not raise your voice to them, this is “not nice.” Be nice…that’s what Obama is to them, a nice guy. I mean after all, isn’t he so hip that he can send e-mail and text messages?

    2. Lots of brainwashed people think McCain is too old. I guess because he doesn’t get all of the cosmetic surgery, like those Hollywood type elitists. It’s not what you know, but how you look. Let’s face it(no pun intended)Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example.

    3. Gerge Soros, moveon, Daily Kos, etc. have been determined for years (and they will stop at nothing) to get their candidate in the oval office. I wonder how much cheating will go on at the polls?

    4.. Do the very very rich really pay all of the taxes that they should, or are there loop holes just for them? Where do they hide their $?

  3. 3 shirtsbyeric

    Fact: America is the greatest county in the world.

    Fact: It was created by white haired old men.

    Take that Paris Hilton.

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