That One


All liberals are not idiots – I know this for a fact. Nevertheless, I have to remind myself not to ‘objectify’ and demean them when I read how upset some of them are over an exchange from last night’s debate.

Referring to an energy bill during Tuesday’s debate, McCain said: “You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one,” he said, pointing to Obama.

Who would have guessed? The use of the phrase “that one” represents absolute proof that John McCain hates black people.

But for me the winner of the disgustometer was John McCain referring to Obama as “that one.” That one? What one is John referring to? Was he referring to “one of those?”

Actually, no. McCain would be differentiating Obama as the one, out of the two of them, who voted in a way that would surprise you if you listened to the rhetoric of the Obama campaign. As in – “That one voted for it, not this one.”

Sorry Righties, but this was a blatantly racist remark. When you refer to a person as “that one” or “one of those,” you are reducing that person to a caricature of a “group.” And what “group” do you suppose McCain was referring to? Could it be blacks? Your damned right he was.

“One of those” would be dramatically different. That might mean “one of those crazy liberals,” or “one of those candidates who has no qualifications to justify his candidacy.”

Whether conscious or not, John McCain is a racist and his disrespectful, insulting behavior towards Obama during the debates proves it. There is no way anyone could get me to believe McCain would behave this way towards Clinton or Edwards if they had won.

He wouldn’t say something diminishing to the smarmy little phony John Edwards? Now that’s a highly questionable assertion. Remember how McCain used to treat Mitt Romney?

Props to Devin Barber of Left of the Right for the silly post, and for his vivid imagination. Consider his title.

LEFT OF THE RIGHT: John McCain’s “That One” Remark Blatantly Racist And His Campaign Rhetoric Could Incite Violence

Not only was McCain obviously racist, but his remark was so demeaning to blacks that they’ll soon be hitting the streets in violent protest. Now it is Devin who is the racist – he thinks blacks are so dumb and violent that they would misunderstand the remark and respond with riots. Oh, how liberals work to keep bigotry alive!

Okay, all liberals are not idiots. That one, however, certainly is.


5 Responses to “That One”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Liberals want to keep bigotry alive because they are desperate.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    It’s all they have left; otherwise Jessie and Al will be unemployed.

  3. 3 shirtsbyeric

    When Barak questioned Bill Clinton’s dancing ability in response to him being the first black president. Was that racist?

  4. 4 Anonymous

    John McCain has an adopted black daughter. There is something mentally wrong with this liberal group, hence the $ for mental health coverage in the “bail out” package.

  5. 5 Anonymous

    This is Devin Barber, the author of the article which you have used to make your weak ass argument. The part about violence had to do with the inflamatory rhetoric resulting in people yelling things like “terrorist” and “kill him” at McCain and Palin rallys. Of course I expected folks like you to get it wrong because little troubling things like facts and truth are meaningless to you.

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