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Getting to know ACORN. This is an introduction piece from the organization’s website. And here’s a news story on ACORN’s recent problems with fraudulent voter registrations the organization has collected in Kansas City.

An incredible analysis at American Thinker of Barack as a writer. How is it possible that a book as monumentally powerful as Dream From My Father came from a guy for whom no other writing samples of similar prowess exist – including his own The Audacity of Hope? The public is asked to believe Obama […]

More Ayers


More on Ayers/Obama relationship. “He’s not someone I exchange ideas with – on a regular basis….”

The Race


Will McCain keep the attack up on Obama? Let’s hope so – the world needs to know the truth about him. And, it seems to be disrupting the movement toward Barack. While Gallup jumped to an 11 point Barack lead yesterday and remains there today, it is an outlier. The other current polls are much […]

McCain Ad


This spells it out pretty nicely.

New Party


The blog Politically Drunk on Power has a feature on Barack’s affiliation with a socialist political party called the “New Party.” In June sources released information that during his campaign for the State Senate in Illinois, Barack Obama was endorsed by an organization known as the Chicago “New Party”. The ‘New Party’ was a political […]