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Chicago Way


Truth about Barack – a good ad from the GOP. Barack throws up the shield, accuses McCain of taking the low road because it’s the only route open.

Ayers Denial


I am constantly aggravated by how the media writes about Barack’s association with Bill Ayers. Here’s one of thousands of such examples, taken from today’s Boston Globe in an op-ed from Scot Lehigh, a sometimes fair commentator: With things moving Obama’s way, the McCain-Palin campaign has apparently decided its best shot at beating Obama is […]

The economic meltdown has totally rewritten this campaign year in favor of Democrats – even Barack. How bad is it for the GOP? Al Franken leads for the first time in the Minnesota senate race. As the electoral landscape continues to look bleak for Republicans, Al Franken has pulled ahead of Republican incumbent Norm Coleman […]



As much as liberals hate religion, they have no qualms about creating their own religion – or using the religion of others to manipulate.

Knowing Saul


At the convention a month ago, Republicans made a joke of Barack’s number 1 presidential credential – “Community Organizer.” Through ACORN, Americans can now see that community organizers are dangerous – a force to be reckoned with.To know Barack, and to understand ACORN, start with Saul – the original community organizer. Who gains access to […]

Does ‘non-partisan’ ACORN mix community activist dollars with campaigning for specific candidates?



The Washington Times has a story today indicating that Barack inserted himself into conversations between the Iraqi government and the Bush Administration over a still unresolved status of forces agreement – terms for the U.S. to remain in Iraq upon the expiration of UN mandates. At the same time the Bush administration was negotiating a […]