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RNC Ayers


The McCain campaign is looking at the polls, and the polls show that voters aren’t happy with him and his use of Bill Ayers against Barack. They think he cares more about attacking than he does about the issues. Fortunately, the RNC can do what it wants, and the party has rolled out a new […]

ACORN is in danger of having the flow of endless taxpayer dollars going into its bank accounts slowed as a result of becoming the poster child for the mortgage meltdown. So they’re fighting back. John McCain’s presidential campaign has been on the attack against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for its voter […]

I’ve always felt that, baring some major upheaval or campaign mishap, Barack Obama was unelectable. My belief that he was unelectable was based on the expectation that voters would have the relevant information, and that it would be provided by a Swift Boat style information campaign. For some reason, that campaign has never materialized. Independent […]



Barack’s taken to talking about pie. Can’t we just talk about the issues?

Grab It


The economy needs to be grabbed as an issue by one of the candidates – and it should be John McCain. The void in leadership that it highlights presents an incredible opportunity to play president. It is Obama, though, who is seizing the moment. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama plans to give a speech on […]

Not Too Late


Polls indicate that the McCain campaign’s attacks on Barack’s character – mostly accurate and justified explorations of his shady, and radical, past – may be starting to have some effect. If McCain can find a way to seize the energy of the bad economy, I think he’s still got a good chance to pull this […]

Too Late


Is McCain losing this race, or is he getting beat by monumental events, the political equivalent of acts of God? McCain’s definitely had his shortcomings despite the financial meltdown. Yesterday on This Week, George Will quoted General MacArthur to offer an explanation of McCain’s failures up to this point. “The history of the failure of […]