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Rasmussen says that Barack is leading by 5 points, Zogby says he’s up by 6%, and Gallup says the same. So why does the new New York Times poll put Obama up by 14, while the LA Times has him up 9%? Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is entering the third and final presidential debate […]

Acorn Obama


Listen to what economist Jeffrey Miron says about a) what caused this economic meltdown, and b) how the wrong incentives mess up the system. Which explains why Obama, who is a part of the mortgages for anyone movement, is the wrong fox to have guarding the henhouse. Interview is with Ed Walsh at WBZ radio, […]

Is Barack Obama a radical? All we can say for certain is that 1) he partnered with a slew of them to get himself into positions of power in Chicago and, 2) he gave them tons of money when he had the chance. It’s possible that this doesn’t reflect his heart, but rather, a cool […]



If you’re longing to know more about Bill Ayers, and what he believes, here’s an introduction. Not just to Ayers, but to his terror organization. This is important because when the truth comes out, you’ll know that Barack received his most important job credential, Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, as a result of his […]

Hard Truth


Things are not looking good for the Republican Party. The Republican National Committee, growing nervous over the prospect of Democrats’ winning a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, is considering tapping into a $5 million line of credit this week to aid an increasing number of vulnerable incumbents, top Republicans say. Which is understandable. That’s the […]