Barack the Listener


One of Barack’s reputed attributes that makes the elites drool over him is his ability to listen.

It’s the ears. I mean, it’s not literally his ears. It’s the idea of his ears. Barack Obama has the capacity to listen. And America needs nothing more now than a president who knows how to listen.

Being a good listener is indicative of a thinker. Brains and compassion first, ego second. The antithesis of W.

Barack Obama is unique in a wide field of Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls in that he doesn’t just talk the talk. He has spent his entire career listening the listen, from his work as a community organizer to his current job as the junior Senator from Illinois.

So watch the listener in action – with none other than Joe the Plumber.

3 Responses to “Barack the Listener”

  1. 1 Keith

    I dont know why people cannot understand that this guy is a Marxist. They are going to tax and tax until people dont have any money any longer. He is going to appoint the same people to the Supreme Court if he is elected, which is going to do what? Change this great country to something we will not be able to recognize. I hope the liberals are putting false hopes in their fixed polls and he is in fact behind or there are pocket McCain supporters and they will be coming out of the wood work to support him and not a Marxist.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    It’s tiring to hear him go on and on…like a broken record. He’s got all of his lines memorized…big deal,he’s been using these same lines for about 2 years now.
    Vote McCain unless you want a change to socialism bordering on communism.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    A dem pres. plus a dem congress= total chaos. It’s never good when 1 party rules, look what happened during the Carter administration?

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