While Joe the Plumber has put a face on Barack’s big tax lie – he is about redistributing the wealth being acquired by the overpaid plumbers of America – ACORN has become the symbol of the radicalism that fills the pint size container of experience that purports to qualify Barack for the presidency.

“Sen. Obama won’t tell you the full truth about his tax increases, and now he’s kinda fuzzing up his connections to ACORN,” said Palin, of the “Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now.”

“Now, ACORN is under investigation for rampant voter fraud in thirteen states,” Palin said, herself “fuzzing up” the difference between fraudulent voter registration forms and voter fraud, which is quite different.

The McCain campaign, while relishing the opportunity that Barack has presented with his J the P gaffe, is wise keep ACORN in the mix.

Palin then detailed the myriad connections between Obama and the group. “Now, Obama says that his only involvement with ACORN was when he represented the group as a lawyer,” she said. “But what about the training that he provided ACORN in the past and ACORN staff, and his role in past ACORN voter registration efforts? And then, there’s the $200,000 that he got for ACORN when he was on the board of the Woods Fund. And the fact that ACORN endorsed him this year and they’re working pretty hard on his behalf.”

She also noted that “a front group for ACORN received over $800,000 from the Obama campaign.”

This is the kind of information the American people need to make an informed decision about Barack, and it may inflame concerns that keep Barack from establishing the sort of lead you’d expect him to have in this race.

“All of this would be a lot of baggage to drag into the Oval Office,” Palin said. “And Americans are entitled to answers before Election Day … John and I are calling on the Obama campaign to release communications it has had with this group and to do so immediately.”

That’s a good demand! They should make a formal request of discovery – all payments, bills, phone records, emails, etc. The public has a right to know!

She ended her remarks by saying she knew Ohioans wouldn’t “let them turn the Buckeye State into the Acorn State.”

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