Why So Close?


You’ve got to ask yourself, why is it so close – and, if there is a Bradley effect (that is, people who lie to pollsters when minority candidates are on the ballot), how close the final vote may be on November 4. One more question – why is the media trying to convince you the race is over.

Rasmussen Tracking 10/14 – 10/16 3000 LV 50 46 Obama +4
Reuters/C-Span/Zogby 10/14 – 10/16 1210 LV 49 44 Obama +5
Gallup Tracking 10/14 – 10/16 2155 LV 49 47 Obama +2

4 Responses to “Why So Close?”

  1. 1 dropright

    Looking at the race state by state tells a different story. The battle ground states of three months ago are leaning Obama and MO, VA, NC have become battle ground states.
    McCain is running adds in NORTH CAROLINA…

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Amen… electoral college is shifting from the republican favor this year…

  3. 3 Yankeegal

    Or so we are told…Obama was up 10 points in the NH polls the day before the primary and Clinton surprisingly won. The media wants BO to win so badly, they are cramming these numbers down our throats. Don’t be fooled or “Ratherized” into thinking this race is over.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Absolutely yankeegal

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