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Listen as Kevin Whalen and I (from Pundit Review) talk presidential politics – and Joe the Plumber.

Two Four Five


The polls are pretty much the same today – implying a lack of impact from Wednesday night’s debate. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 50% of the vote while John McCain earns 45%. These figures reflect a remarkably stable race in which Obama has enjoyed a four-to-eight point […]

Unfunny Carol


Sorry, but no. A unanimously negative media response to the political slapstick movie American Carol reinforces my theory that humor — and satire in particular — is an accurate litmus test of one’s political and ideological convictions, even if one insists on having no convictions at all. If you want to check your friends’ politics, […]



Has McCain allowed his image and reputation to be kidnapped by devious advisers in an attempt to win the White House? Mike Barnacle says so. Unfortunately for McCain, he did little to stop the thieves who took his honor and reputation and tossed it out like so many discarded items for a yard sale, figuring […]

We all know what a bad person Joe the Plumber is. He is a suspicious character, not to be trusted, as he 1) uses his middle name, pretending it’s his first, 2) he owes some back taxes, and 3) he doesn’t make $250,000 a year. Just call him Joe the Fraud – he doesn’t even […]

The Cure


One of the issues motivating Colin Powell to appear on Meet the Press this week, and perhaps to endorse Barack, is the ugliness poor Obama has faced on the campaign trail. A friend and ex-aide said that Gen Powell was extremely “upset” by the “vitriol, bile and prejudice” aimed at Mr Obama on the campaign […]

LA Times


So the LA Times endorses Barack Obama. It is inherent in the American character to aspire to greatness, so it can be disorienting when the nation stumbles or loses confidence in bedrock principles or institutions. That’s where the United States is as it prepares to select a new president: We have seen the government take […]



Does it hurt or help? Is Gen. Colin Powell getting ready to endorse Sen. Barack Obama on “Meet the Press” this Sunday? Two sources close to Powell, speaking on the condition of anonymity, predict that he will. On the record, a third, Ken Duberstein, a Washington lobbyist and former White House chief of staff, didn’t […]