The fact that Joe Biden uses campaign funds to pay the landscapers didn’t raise much of a stir. But campaign funds for Sarah’s wardrobe have the media in a tizzy.

Sarah Palin, small-town hockey mom and everywoman? More like Sarah Palin, pampered princess. Jeanne Cummings at Politico reports that the RNC’s monthly financial disclosure reports reveal that the Republican National Committee has spent tens of thousands of dollars on the vice presidential candidate’s wardrobe and accessories since she was nominated, including $150,000 in September alone.


So it seems you can take the girl out of the beauty pageant, but you can’t take the beauty pageant out of the girl.

While Sarah continues to take heat for not giving the press more access, it turns out that Biden is the one who is in hiding.

The handful of reporters from Biden’s national press corps who have followed him incessantly for two months have not had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the “crisis” matter – even to allow Biden to clarify his remarks – because he has not taken questions or held a press availability with his press corps since Sept. 7.

And it was Joe Biden, with a couple of wires clearly not connected, who proudly made the outrageous claim that America would face international trouble for electing Barack. Imagine if Palin had said such a thing?

An opportunity to hold a rifle to a mock up of Sarah Palin goes unnoticed in New York City. What if it was a Democrat? What if it was the first black man with a major party nomination instead of the woman who will be the first female VP?


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