Spread It


Given Barack’s penchant for spreading the money around, why doesn’t he give some to John McCain.

Sen. Barack Obama’s fundraising advantage is giving him a tremendous edge over Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Take the commonwealth of Virginia, and these stats from ABC News’ deputy political director Karen Travers:

In that one battleground, Obama has 50 campaign offices to McCain’s 24.

That would be in the true spirit of Obama’s socialist spirit – that those who achieve and make loads of money are, in some essential way, undeserving of the bounty, so their profits should be shared with those less fortunate, even those with whom they are competing.

This expenditure of what is called “hard dollars”–money raised under federal limits– is a remarkable example of the stunning amount of cash OFA has to spend. The money to the state parties is on top of two other committees Obama has to bankroll GOTV (get out the vote) drives: the Committee for Change, formed in July and the Obama Victory Fund, run with the Democratic National Committee, created after it was clear Obama would be the nominee.

Were he truly the Messiah who supporters believe him to be – or even just if he were just planning to live up to his talk and commit himself to changing the way Washington does business – he would start putting ads up for the opposition.

The cash rich Obama for America campaign committee, Obama’s original presidential warchest, has so much money around that it shipped some $4 million in September to Democratic parties in key battleground states to get out the vote for Obama and lower ticket races.

That would show confidence in his ideas, and would prove that he truly believes in equal opportunity.

Spread the wealth around, Barack!

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