Spread the Socialism


Barack supporters are irate over suggestions that he is a socialist, or harbors socialist leanings. One has to suspect that this is because they don’t bother reading anything about the guy.

Barack says he doesn’t regret his remarks to Joe the Plumber about spreading the wealth. Why should he?

There’s a lot of buzz being generated about Obama, ACORN and Obama’s first political party – The New Party. How did the Oba-messiah get this far without anyone reporting he was a member of a fringe Leftist political party? Where the hell is the media anyway?

History shows that Barack shares the values of the socialists. He says so right here, with his endorsement in 2004 of Congressman Danny Davis, and with his attempt to win the endorsement of a socialist political party.

Barack Obama was a member of an extremist political party established by the Democratic Socialists for America, the Chicago New Party, and they cheered his victory in his uncontested run for his Illinois state senate seat as a step away from American values, towards socialism. [5] The New Party: The New Party is an unabashed Marxist “fusion” party from which Barack Obama actively sought out and received an endorsement for his state senate candidacy (in 1996). He did. [1] The party was a Marxist Political coalition.

Here’s background from Erik Erickson at Human Events.

Two weeks ago at RedState, we documented Obama’s 1996 endorsement by the New Party. A review of the New Party establishes that not only was the party an amalgamation of far left groups, but Barack Obama knew that when he sought the party’s endorsement.

Most of the New Party’s history has been lost in the digital age. It was established in 1992 and started to die out in 1998, well before Google and the modern web were established. But through lengthy searches of the Nexis archive and microfilm at the local university library, I’ve been able to piece this together.

One Response to “Spread the Socialism”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Sooo, McCain’s progressive tax plan isn’t socialist, but Barack’s is??

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