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Obama attacks McCain.

Sarah Palin is not about $150,000 clothing budgets, as she makes clear in Florida Sunday.

Piling On


Scott Conroy of CBS News writes a blog entry entitled “Palin Stretches Facts In Effort To Paint Obama As Presumptuous.” She’s a politician – isn’t she required to stretch the truth? Following a fiery introduction by “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who accused the media of being “deliberately sexist” in its coverage of Sarah Palin, […]

Missile Defense


Is he for it, or against it?

The Polls


Today’s tallys – from the polls we pay the most attention to. Rasmussen stays at 8% for the second day, Gallup stays at 5%, and Zogby drops to 5%, with a 3 point lead for Barack in yesterday’s polling alone (the 5% number comes from tabulating the last 3 days.) Rasmussen Reports 10/23 – 10/25 […]



Barack is a systems guy. He learns how they work, then he exploits them to his advantage. In order to build support in Chicago, he got a job from Bill Ayers dolling out money to politically active non-profits like ACORN. Base built. When he wanted to get elected to the state senate, he brought in […]

Zogby – 5%


On Thursday, the Zogby poll showed Barack up 12 points. It was down to 10%, then 9%, for the next couple of days. Today’s number? A 5 point race. “I have alluded before to this strange, magnetic pull that brings Obama down to 48% or 49%, a danger zone for him. McCain’s gains are among […]