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Drudge says that Zogby’s numbers for Tuesday, released daily at 1:30am, will show the race getting one point tighter – to a 4% lead for Barack. The Monday numbers from Zogby, Rasmussen and Gallup all show just a 5% lead for Obama.

Run It


Somebody, please. With the three top polls showing this a five point race, all that’s needed is to get ads like this some circulation.

Guess who is getting the most third party ad support this presidential cycle. It’s Barack. The Matthew 25 Network, a relatively new political action group aimed at Christian voters, is beginning to air two new radio commercials today on behalf of Senator Barack Obama. The spots are to run on Christian music stations in several […]

Despite attempts by the media to convince voters that the election is over, we should see things get closer over the last week. Starting from a very close 5 point difference. Rasmussen Reports 10/24 – 10/26 3000 LV 2.0 51 46 Obama +5 Gallup (Traditional)* 10/24 – 10/26 2448 LV 2.0 50 45 Obama +5 […]



Interesting assessment from Jim Gergaghty at National Review regarding what legislation would be pursued by a President Barack for quick package. When Obama says “we won’t have time to engage in a bunch crazy things” I guess we’re supposed to be reassured. But ask Congressional Democrats about their first priorities, and you’ll hear a lot […]

Palin Magic


Sarah is magic on the campaign trail. It may be late in the campaign, but a new catch phrase for John McCain and his presidential quest may have been unveiled today in Leesburg, Va. Sarah Palin, speaking to a characteristically enthusiastic crowd, was reciting her tried-and-true list of criticisms of Barack Obama when she was […]

Joe the Plumber doesn’t live alone anymore. “I’m not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts – the institution just isn’t structured that way.” As I fell asleep last night, I set the sleep timer so I could end the day with Hannity’s America. There was some analyst – I don’t remember […]