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Sarah Palin goes after the LA Times for failing to release the video tape of the Rashid Khalidi party. Here’s background on Khalidi.

Barack TV


Wheat fields. Heartland. We’ve got problems. Barack in an elegant, presidential quality office in a country home. Wonder whose it is. It’s about the economy. Anecdotes on struggling Americans. Rebecca Johnston is all about her family. She lives in a house in the suburbs, has a car, and loves her kids. It’s getting hard to […]

Obama Fatigue


Will Barack’s takeover of the airwaves lead to Barack fatigue? McCain tries to shape reaction with a return to the Celebrity theme that worked so well during the summer.



Barack mocks McCain and Palin. When it gets to the part where Sarah winks, I take her to mean, “you buyin’ this crap that Barack is dishing out?” No, I’m not.

Thomas Sowell doesn’t seem so excited about the possibility of electing the first black president.

Casual Nation


I’m not a big fan of Casual Fridays. We become the United States of Casual, though, if Barack wins on Tuesday. I’m an old fashioned guy, I know, but this bothers me. I don’t even like it when friends, or even family, wear jeans coming over for a casual dinner. I find them disrespectful. I […]

Rasmussen operates the most stable, in my estimation, of polls. I like it because it is slow to change – something in their technique apparently buffers the daily fluctuations. Today it moves two points, after having shown a 5% Barack lead for the last two days, and an 8% lead for the two days before […]

What is terrorism? The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. What friends of Barack Obama do we believe to have been involved in, or to […]

The Ghost


I’m not inclined toward conspiracy theories – I suspect, for example, that in the end we’ll learn that Barack actually was born in Hawaii. I am, however, impressed with Jack Cashill’s writings on Barack’s writing, and the theory that his first book, Dreams From My Father, was ghosted by Bill Ayers. If I was placing […]



Zogby shows Obama up 4.5 points – basically unchanged from yesterday. The race for President of the United States remained essentially frozen in time yesterday, with very little movement. Just a week to go before Election Day, the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking telephone poll shows Democrat Barack Obama gained 0.1 points, while Republican John McCain […]