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One for One


The price of inexperience. President-elect Barack Obama called Nancy Reagan this afternoon to apologize for a joke about her having held “séances” in the White House, an Obama aide said. In the future, he’ll do better to be self-deprecating, rather than Great President’s Widow deprecating. “President-elect Barack Obama called Nancy Reagan today to apologize for […]



Barack was loose, and clearly quite comfortable with his new role as the king in waiting. Some, however, are already getting upset. His first attempt at humor, with a light poke at Nancy Reagan, is already being called a cheap shot – and you have to wonder why Barack went there. Many, however, will enjoy […]

Barack Presser


Barack held his first press conference today. While starting off by saying that there’s only one president, and that his turn to take the ball up the court doesn’t arrive for a couple of months, Barack seemed at the same time to be establishing his position on the court. In his first news conference since […]

The Democrat’s idea of education. It seems to me that social programs would head towards obsoletion instead of endless expansion if Democrats would end their partnership with the teachers unions and start focusing on competent education instead.



One of the blessings accompanying the shame of Barack’s victory is the timing. This is not a moment for pushing measures that are bad economic policy, so the Obama administration will have to kick obviously destructive political payoff policy proposals down the road. Obama is a cosponsor of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which […]

Second Class


Headline in the radio trades: “Obama skips Black radio.” We understand that Barack wouldn’t benefit from advertising on black radio – he was already getting their votes, so where was the upside in placing ads targeting that demographic? Exit polls indicate 95% of African Americans voted for the President-elect. But that strong support apparently did […]



Who would you choose? Obama faces a difficult choice for Treasury secretary Email Picture Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP; Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg News TWO POSSIBILITIES: Lawrence H. Summers, left, was one of President Clinton’s Treasury secretaries and served as president of Harvard. Volcker was Federal Reserve chief under Presidents Carter and Reagan.