Whatever Sarah Wants


Whatever Sarah wants…

In yet another television interview, former Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin revealed on Wednesday that while she was focused on her job as Alaska’s governor she was open to the idea of a Senate bid.

While at first saying it was “not necessarily” the kind of post she would like some day, she was open to the idea.

Sarah gets.

“I’m not going to close any doors that perhaps would be in front of me and would allow me to put to good use executive experience and a world view that I think is good for our nation,” she said in an interview with CNN’s “Larry King Live.” “I’m not going to close any door there in terms of opportunity that may be there in the future.”

Just a day ago, in an interview on NBC the 44-year-old first-term governor said she wasn’t planning on seeking a Senate seat. “I’m not planning on it because I think the people of Alaska will best be served with me as their governor,” Palin said.

Sarah’s not trying to calm presidential speculation, either.

The GOP vice presidential nominee has raised the possibility of running for the top job in four years in recent television interviews. Palin was attending the Republican Governors Association meeting Wednesday and was asked about speculation about her as the future of the party.

Palin told reporters: “I don’t think it’s me personally, I think it’s what I represent.” She added: “Every day hardworking American families — a woman on the ticket perhaps represents that. It would be good for the ticket. It would be good for the party. I would be happy to get to do whatever is asked of me to help progress this nation.”

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