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Wrong Again


With most of my political predictions proving false, it’s no surprise that I’ve guessed wrong again – reports are that Hillary will be Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Why this idea should please her is beyond me still – but there it is. Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of […]

Bail doubt


Will Democrats do the wrong thing? Rest assured. Bailing out the automakers may or may not be in the national interest, but there’s no option for the Democratic Party. The US United Auto Workers (UAW) union has ruled out concessions – at least for the time being – to help rescue the ailing Detroit-based car […]

Dog and Pony


Is there any point to the meeting between McCain and the President-elect today? Just P.R., it seems to me. Advisers to the former candidates have said they don’t expect Obama to consider McCain for an administration job. From McCain’s point of view, he gets to do the reach across the isle that he so enjoys, […]



Barack’s most natural condition is being serious. Last night on 60 Minutes, fresh evidence was presented as to why he should stick to his strength. Michelle is also serious – unwilling to offer an assist at Barack’s lightest attempts at humor. Barack’s already feeling the wear and tear of the gig. “There are times, during […]

My previous post on my visit to Kipp Academy blamed the teachers unions for the banning of single sex schools in the 1970’s, a federally instituted policy that we’re still fighting to recover from. I wanted to share with you the objection from Brian posted in the comment section, along with my response. Todd, As […]