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Why was the media so biased toward Barack Obama in its coverage of the election? Mark Halperin, of Time Magazine, says it’s because of their hidden desire “to see his face etched in stain glass and on Mt. Rushmore simultaneously.” I think there’s another factor, and that is that old fashioned values of journalism don’t […]

This is how the Good Government Democrats practice democracy. Delaware Democratic Gov. Ruth Ann  Minner just announced that she intended to appoint Ted Kaufman to fill the next two years of longtime Delaware Sen. Joe Biden’s new term. Who’s he? you ask. He’s a Biden family spaceholder. The appointment is a set-up, so that Biden’s […]

Throw money at it. “In my view it has to be between five and seven hundred billion dollars,” proclaimed Senator Charles Schumer Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” The “it” is the economic stimulus package the new Congress intends to send to the new president, Barack Obama, in January. How much? Who knows? On TV, he […]



“You’re seeing an inept management team being rewarded by the U.S. government,” said William Smith, chief executive of Smith Asset Management in New York, which owns Citigroup stock. That’s the reaction of one investor to the new government bailout of Citibank. How does the government, where the status quo is sustained indefinitely no matter how […]