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Barack Market


Barack held his third press conference in as many days on Wednesday, and the stock market took a big jump, again. A stock market gaining confidence in the nation’s financial system bolted higher Wednesday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials and Standard & Poor’s 500 index to their first four-day advance since last spring. The market […]

It’s fun to get the liberal perspective on what the GOP needs to become relevant again. So what do you do with a sunken party, one whose base has been whittled down to the South, the Plains, and parts of the interior West? Mostly though, it’s best to ignore folks like Scot Lehigh, writing on […]

The thinking of Junior. President Barack Obama will soon have to make a judgment to reform the nation’s “wall” if he is, as he so often says, to build a more perfect union. The wall I refer to is the U. S. Constitution. Jesse Jackson, Jr. thinks Barack will have to “tear down that wall,” […]