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**** The Wrestler – Mickey Rourke is 20 years past his prime, having pissed away movie stardom to be a Hollywood badboy, then a boxer. Rourke makes an Oscar worthy comeback in this film about a washed-up professional wrestler, Randy the Ram, who was big 20 years ago, but now fights for a few hundred […]

** Revolutionary Road – This picture has an odd veneer that makes it seem like an exhibit at the Smithsonian – offering a perfect replica of a room from the past, but lacking the emotional power that comes from filling it with real, breathing people. Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet give it their best shot, […]

Cable Cars


Progress is a double edged sword. It’s wonderful that TV has expanded beyond three channels, for example, but it’s too bad we don’t all wake up Monday morning having seen Ed Sullivan the night before. In my world of talk radio, I love that some big chunk of the city of Boston tunes in WRKO […]