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New Era


The economic meltdown has Americans reacting in exactly the wrong way – crying uncle. The majority are happily giving Barack a blank check to fix things. Support for change…  is in the air, with seven in 10 Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll saying Obama has a mandate for “major new social and economic […]

***  Two Lovers – It’s too bad that Two Lovers is too long. Otherwise, this exploration of how common it is now for young people to remain unsettled and confused well into what used to pass for adulthood would pass for a very entertaining bit of angst ridden 30 something film making. Parents who are […]

How does one… Wall Street may be bruised and battered, but it still donated more money than any other U.S. industry to President-elect Barack Obama‘s inaugural festivities on Tuesday, a study has found. …change the way Washington does business… The Center for Responsive Politics said executives of finance, insurance and real estate companies and their […]