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Obama Losing


When the former President took us to war, Ted Kennedy famously announced that Iraq was George Bush’s Vietnam. He was wrong. However, the war on terror could end up being Barack Obama’s Vietnam. Confidence in the War on Terror has fallen to its lowest level in nearly a year. Just 42% now believe the U.S. […]

Doh! Biden


Good ole Joe Biden. He’s the Man From Doh! While making sure he stays on message to protect Mexico for suffering from repercussions of the Mexican Flu, he strays off message to throw the airlines and public transportation… under the bus. So, if we follow Joe’s point from this morning’s Today Show, feel free to […]

Feel the tension in Air Force One as the pilot talks to the tower while doing a New York City photo op.

First, the President was asked if the Bush administration engaged in torture. ABC’s Jake Tapper just asked Obama if he thought that the Bush administration “sanctioned torture” in its use of waterboarding and Obama, after a moment’s hesitation, said “Waterboarding violates our ideals and our values. I do believe that it’s torture.” Then, President Obama […]

What sort of car will the Chrysler Michelle be? Perhaps a muscle car – a gas guzzler with four on the floor and a big butt. Sleeveless. GM said it would speed up six factory closings announced in February and close three additional facilities in 2010. Henderson expects to identify the plants in May and […]

Swine Poo


A doctor’s analysis on the Swine in Washington.

The Swine Flew


The President says it won’t happen again. Which is good news for folks in New York City, who weren’t amused by the Air Force One photo op. But he also said that he wasn’t privy, nor were others at the White House, to any details about who signed off when the Swine Flew. “We found […]