So John Kerry


Why isn’t the President attending to urgent liberal issues like eliminating one of the most hateful elements of U.S. society –  the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy? Liberals are asking, but the Obama Administration won’t tell.

Nobody cared if Dan Choi was a homosexual while he was leading Fort Drum soldiers on patrol in Iraq.

Gays are mad at Obama, but what do they expect? He’s no John Kerry or Hillary Clinton.

But today in Syracuse, a board of four military officers may decide if the lieutentant should be the first New York National Guard member discharged for violating the military’s don’t ask-don’t tell policy against homosexual conduct.

The President is not a liberal. That’s why he’s not supportive of liberal causes like ending the war in Iraq, promoting gay marriage, or doing away with “don’t ask don’t tell.”

“I’m an American soldier that happens to be gay. That’s the way I was born. It’s unfortunate I had to hide that,” said Choi, who on Sunday was a celebrity grand marshal in San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade.

Obama is a radical community organizer. His agenda now is the same as it was when he was working the streets of Chicago, hanging out in Reverend Wright’s church, or running an education foundation with Bill Ayers. He wants to empower the weak and weaken the powerful. Just like he did at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

That’s the $150+ million “education reform” piggy bank substantially controlled in the nineties by Ayers and Obama, who doled out tens of millions of dollars to Leftist radicals — radicals who, like their patrons, understood that control over our institutions, and especially our schools, was a surer and less risky way to spread their revolution than blowing up buildings and mass-murdering American soldiers.

Obama will take care of the liberal agenda in drips, as need be – but he’s not going to let the old fashioned Hubert Humphrey ideals that Democrats cling to interfere with rewriting the constitution.

Obama’s plan was to make an end-run around Chicago’s governing Democratic political network, by building a coalition of left-leaning black churches and radical secular organizations like Acorn (perhaps with de facto help from liberal foundation money as well). This coalition would provide Obama with the flexibility to play out a political career some distance to the left of conventional Illinois democratic politics.

In a couple of years, it will be surprising if Obama has any friends other than his buddies at Acorn and the Trinity United Church of Christ. But, that’s okay. It is radical haters who got him to where he is, and it is them he will serve.

Fanning said Choi, 28, is the first officer in the 10,600-member New York National Guard facing discharge because of alleged violations of the don’t ask-don’t tell policy, which President Bill Clinton put into effect in 1993.

Liberals will just have to wait patiently in line for any attention from the President. He’s got bigger fish to fry than things like peace and gay rights. He’s already made General Motors a government O&O, for chrissake, and he’s getting close on socialized medicine!

The policy forbids military recruiters from asking someone about his or her sexual preference, but also prohibits a service member from revealing if he or she is gay.

When you’re turning the greatest capitalism in world history into a socialist country, that 60’s style liberal agenda is just so John Kerry.

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