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Have you ever wondered why proponents of a single payer, government run insurance plan were never allowed at the table when the gameplan for health insurance reform was written? It’s because the President’s ultimate goal was to get a single payer system, and he didn’t want to tip people off to his endgame. The President […]

Bad Hops


Misplaying the ball has been the key to the Obama administration’s response to the arrest, two weeks ago, of Harvard professor Skip Gates. The much anticipated beer summit did nothing to change that. Shoved into a corner of the White House grounds, the Vice President joined Obama and the incident’s principals around a table that […]

Fake Right


Supporters of illegal immigration are mad at President Obama. They actually expect him to do what he said he would do! Three years after President Obama marched alongside Hispanic and immigrant rights activists, they took to the streets Wednesday to march against him, saying he has betrayed them by embracing George W. Bush administration efforts […]

Bright Lights


The attorney for the woman who made the 911 call reporting the suspicious activity at the home of Harvard Professor Skip Gates two weeks ago made a very good point today. She also did something very mean to her client. At the noon press conference, Wendy Murphy (a prominent Boston attorney who sometimes joins Tom […]

Skip the Beer


Thursday’s planned meeting between Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley at the White House is a disgusting bit of presidential pandering. First off, there’s the matter of the beer. Why are they having a beer at the White House. President Obama’s offer to sit down… to hash out a touchstone racial conflict between his good friend, […]

What’s the point of voting for a bill if you don’t have a couple of days and a couple of lawyers to help you understand it?

Hip Hop Academy


Want to know some of the great things that Skip Gates is getting accomplished at Harvard? The Hiphop Archive at Harvard University was officially established in 2002. It found its permanent home in the Du Bois Institute January 2008. The Hiphop Archive’s mission is to facilitate and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture and […]