Pork Before People


Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, admits in a TV interview that there aren’t enough jobs because the stimulus package wasn’t as targeted as it should have been.

We knew that months ago – and we have to assume that Democrats knew it at the time they were passing the $787 billion dollar Pork Fest.

Dodd, looking weak as he mounts a bid for reelection, is polling a few points behind any Republican they test in opposition.

These numbers are just not good for Dodd. Even if you want to believe this Republican poll has a pinky on the scale in its weighting on behalf of the Republicans, the results are still not comforting to Dodd. He’s been on TV already trying to improve his personal ratings and he still trails any generic Republican in a state that is now considered VERY blue.

With the GOP already picking away at Democrats over the bad economy, Dodd’s confession will get loads of mileage from his opponents in Connecticut, and nationally.

Boehner also told the crowd that a rejected Republican plan would have created twice as many jobs at half the cost, through tax cuts for businesses and individuals.

After the speech, Boehner told 9News, “When the Obama administration spent trillions of dollars, and creates a huge new bureaucracy, you have to ask them, ‘Where are the jobs?'”

Pork Before People.

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