Democrats Religion


Democrats aren’t against religion. They’re just against your religion, as they have their own.

An Idaho community had secured an Air Force flyover for its local festival every year for more than 40 years, organizers say, but this year, the Air Force turned the request down over the festival’s religious focus.

Remember how strongly the President felt about religion back in the days when he was attending the church of the racist preacher, Jeremiah Wright? Remember how he wore God on his sleeve when he was a candidate? Now, he’s given up weekly services.

Obama no longer needs to pay those dues, as he worships at the church of big government, gay rights, the labor movement, abortion and celebrating diversity.

The God and Country Family Festival in Nampa, Idaho, applied to the Pentagon for the flyover but was denied in an e-mail, board member Patti Syme told KTBV. Syme said the e-mail from a defense official informed her the Pentagon prohibited support of special interest groups.

If the gay pride parade wanted a flyover, what do you think the Pentagon would say?

“I called him immediately and just said, you know hey we’ve been doing this for 42 years, we’ve had flyovers, what is the problem?” Syme told KTBV. “And he said, well we have looked up your Web site and everything on your Web site seemed to focus on Christianity, ministry booths. And he said, in fact, ma’am it sounds like it focuses on Christianity. And he said, in fact, it would be great to go to, in fact, if I personally, could come I would, but we can’t endorse such an endeavor, so they couldn’t do the flyover.”

The religious right needs to get smart and stop trying to get prayer back in the schools. That isn’t going to happen. More important, now that Christianity has been successfully expunged from schools, they should push for equality – get all religion out of the schools, not just traditional American religions. Get the PC Movement out as well.

A defense department official told FOX News the Air Force denied the request because it violates a Pentagon policy against supporting any event “that provides a selective benefit to any individual, group, or organization, including any religious or sectarian organization, ideological movement, political campaign or organization, or commercial enterprise, to include a shopping mall or motion picture promotion.”

One Response to “Democrats Religion”

  1. 1 Candace from Illinois

    It’s naive to think that all religions would/could be expunged from schools. Expel Islam? C’mon now. Throw secular humanism/PC movement out? Yeah, right. That’s the left’s whole gig..They don’t believe all religions are equal, therefore all religions would/could not be expelled–only the One that they’re afraid of..

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