Uber Funny


Bruno and Matt Lauer – funny stuff. But the gay community is confused about whether to be insulted or pleased.

Universal Pictures, the movie house that released the film, claims that the audience will leave feeling the positive nature of the movie. But some LGBT activists are not convinced that the message will be one of awareness.

As a protected class, one would expect gays to be outraged. First though, they have to figure out if the movie intends to insult or support them.

Rashad Robinson, senior director of media programs for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, commented to Rueters that while the intentions of the film are good, the heighten people’s discomfort with the LGBT community.

Matt Lauer has no problem with Bruno, nor with pretending to do a real interview – a trick which is, perhaps, not so foreign to the folks in the TV news biz.

Scenes showing Cohen learning how to guard himself against gays from a martial arts teacher; him appearing to have sex with a man in a tub while his adopted baby—an African child shipped in a cardboard box, it should be noted—watches; and his ignescent dress have already raised eyebrows.

Alas, in the end, who cares? Bruno gives good interview.

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