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Teddy’s Ghost


America is under attack. Team Obama, determined to pass his health system reform measure without regard for the opposition within his own party – and the contempt of the American people toward that proposal – is hoping to get his ship back on course with Teddy’s Ghost at the helm. Senior Democrats in Washington and […]

Not Cool


The vacation of the Obama family, and the cooling off of the intensity of voter outrage over health reform, has not stopped the President’s drop in popularity. Most voting Americans now say they’re not happy with the presidency of Barack Obama, according to Rasmussen. Overall, 46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of […]

Say Goodbye


On its last morning on the Vineyard, the Royal Family paid homage to the people of Tisbury. At 1040,  motorcade left blue heron farm, cruising through rain soaked streets of west tisbury before arriving at Alley’s General Store. An expedition party that included President Obama, Malia, Sasha, First Niece Suhaila, the daughter of First Sister […]

Will ObamaCare drive up the cost of health insurance? Here’s what R. Glenn Hubbard, head of the Columbia Business School, says in today’s New York Times. The Obama administration seems to understand the importance of reducing health care costs. But the president’s universal coverage and public option proposals are directly at odds with his emphasis […]

Our Power


On a Saturday in which the funeral of Ted Kennedy was a big TV event and torrential rains soaked the Boston area, two hundred people made their way to the Sheraton Hotel in Danvers for a 1pm Congressional Town Hall Meeting. Normally, such events are held by the congressmen who represent their districts, but in […]

Squat Tower


This morning’s pool report from the reporter tailing the President. After his meeting with Vicki Kennedy at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel, POTUS spent just over two hours back at his own hotel. The motorcade pulled out at 9: 54 am and took a 12 minute drive through the wet streets of Boston towards the […]

Black Like Me


Representative Diane Watson, a California race baiter, blames anti-Obama, anti-health care sentiment in this country on racism. She also extols the virtue of Fidel Castro’s health care system, praising his fine intellect.