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The President was in Portsmouth, NH Tuesday – in full campaign mode, trying to keep ObamaCare alive. Here’s what was going on outside. And some more street scenes. The Liar in Chief. Here are observations from Rush. How can continuing to push for this plan be good for the Democrats? Advertisements

Voter discontent, built on a foundation much larger than the Obama Health Care Debacle, has been unleashed with the debate over socialized medicine. Arlen Specter pays the price. These are clearly not hired guns, like the union guys who appear on behalf of the administration.

Town Trouble


Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland held a Town Meeting last night – you have to admire his courage, but at the same time you have to wonder why he’s going to do it if he doesn’t welcome input from constituents. Here’s more…

Take a look at your new Cash for Clunkers car. What did you give up to get it?

Hillary gets pissy in the Congo when an interpreter makes a mistake and asks her what her husband thinks. In addition to her bad attitude, she seems to have put on weight and lost her wigs. and another version.

Failing Health


Are Democrats running out of steam on health care? Have they come to terms with the idea that they’ve blown it? Listen to Massachusetts Representative Niki Tsongas as Greater Boston host Emily Rooney asks on WGBH TV whether ObamaCare will pass. Click here to listen. Tsongas says “Well, I think we’re going to move forward […]