good to see you, man


Here’s the pool report on the President’s vacation activities. Thought you’d enjoy the behind the scenes look.

POTUS’ motorcade rolled out of Chilmark estate at 12:48 pm and arrived at Oak Bluffs Farm Neck Golf club at about 1:10. A cheer went up from the crowd when he stepped out to swing! He waved to the crowd and said “Thank you” “Good to see you man” He is clad in dark brown slacks, black shirt and saddle oxfords. He is having golf date with UBS CEO Robert Wolf, Chi-town bff Eric Whitaker, aide Marvin Nicholson. Rep. James Clyburn was not at club, despite earlier reports that he would golf with POTUS.  People gawked, and waved, cheered, and shot pictures with long range lenses. Good golfing weather today. POTUS is off an rolling in golf cart at 1:35pm. Eighteen holes of golf ahead. Five hours or so? Pool is holding looking out over golf course. It’s a private club, and pretty swank.

Nia-Malika Henderson

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