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Empty of character and caring for country, the Midgets of Massachusetts are using the death of Ted Kennedy as an opportunity to, once again, manipulate the law for their personal goals. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said today that he supported a recent proposal by the late US Senator Edward M. Kennedy under which an interim […]

Rough Seas


Vineyard Excitement. POTUS and First Family left Blue Heron Farm at 10:28 and headed east. Some traffic tied up in both directions, some curious onlookers along the street in West Tisbury. Turned right on to Oyster Watcha Road, after passing the airport, and headed south for quite a distance on dirt. Arrived at a private […]

Teddy’s Death


Teddy Kennedy died last night. A dog days of summer moment. Will the timing take more wind out of the sails of the Obama Administration, or will it trigger a turning point? This statement defines Ted for me.