Midgets on the Hill


Empty of character and caring for country, the Midgets of Massachusetts are using the death of Ted Kennedy as an opportunity to, once again, manipulate the law for their personal goals.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said today that he supported a recent proposal by the late US Senator Edward M. Kennedy under which an interim senator would be appointed to serve until a special election takes place.

Governor Deval Patrick

“I do think it’s a reasonable idea,” Patrick said at a news conference in front of the State House. “And I think it’s a particularly timely request at a time when there are such profoundly important proposals pending in the Congress right now. Massachusetts needs two voices in the United States Senate.”

“If it comes to my desk, I will sign it,” he said.

It was just 5 years ago, fearful over the idea that a Republican governor might have the power to appoint a successor to John Kerry had he won the presidency, the same Midgets changed the law in the first place, getting rid of the Governor’s power to appoint.

Republicans have attacked Mr. Kennedy’s proposal as flagrantly partisan, and indeed, the state’s Democrats are in the awkward position of being asked to reverse their own 2004 vote to keep vacant Senate seats empty until a special election.

The pressure for the change is coming from Washington, where the Obama administration is looking for every socialist vote it can find to support its health reform proposal. Kennedy was the country’s leading socialist elected official.

“It’s a particularly timely request at a time when there are such profoundly important issues pending in the Congress,” Mr. Patrick told reporters outside the State House, adding that he had spoken with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, earlier in the day about the importance of filling Mr. Kennedy’s seat. “I’m looking at the issues that are in front of the country right now and how important they are to all of us.”

Will Reid’s call to arms be welcomed by the corrupt clowns on Beacon Hill?

It’s also not clear whether Patrick, badly damaged politically and facing a serious reelection race next fall, will put himself on the line to push for the law change. He voiced support for such a law change during an interview with WBUR radio on Wednesday morning, calling it “entirely reasonable” and saying he would sign a bill if one reached his desk. Still, voicing support and going out to rally support are two far different things.

Complicating things is the fact that there are many powerful Democrats in Massachusetts who would be better served by having the seat remain empty. They are Congressmen, and potential candidates, Stephen Lynch and Mike Capuano, and possibly Barney Frank and Ed Markey.

At the top of that field is state Attorney General Martha Coakley who has previously conducted polling to test her viability as a Senate candidate. Coakley could have two advantages in a short special election: she might well be the lone woman in the field and she has run and won statewide before, giving her a broader political network and higher name identification that several of the other candidates.

Does Deval really want to tarnish his already damaged reputation by engaging in this sort of insider play, or is he just pretending to go along for now?


One Response to “Midgets on the Hill”

  1. 1 The Professor

    That turd John Edwards was right about one thing…there are two Americas.

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