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Polls over the past several weeks have seen an erosion of support for President Obama that is virtually unprecedented. It’s no surprise that he’s not popular with registered Republicans. The bad news for the White House?

A majority of independent voters, 53 percent, now disapprove of Obama’s job performance… That marks the first time a CNN poll has shown a majority of independents turning against the president. Only 43 percent of independents now approve of Obama’s performance.

The media put together a tidal wave of support that Obama rode to the White House – a wave that overwhelmed most attempts at getting the truth out about his leftist bent. Voters, who were denied the opportunity to make an informed decision on Obama during the election, are now putting the pieces together. This guy, along with Pelosi and Reid et al, simply doesn’t believe what we believe.

Rising opposition to President Obama’s healthcare proposals may be morphing into something broader and deeper: an anti-Obama movement that could jeopardize the president’s political standing, damage the Democratic Party, and give the Republicans new life.

Liberals have always thought that their problem was an electoral one – the Walter Mondales, John Kerrys and Hubert Humphreys just didn’t communicate well – they figured if they could get one of their guys into office, then life would be good. So along comes Obama, a liberal who goes to church, a liberal who doesn’t sound like a liberal, and most of all, a liberal who has no record to attack – and they had the stealth candidate they needed.

The most important political development of the summer may be a shift in the passion factor that has led to the generation of more emotion on the anti-Obama right than on the pro-Obama left. This is a big change from the campaign, when it was Obama who ignited the fires and drew millions of new voters to the polls with his charisma and promises of change.

So now, with the mainstream of America onto the scam, support for Obama is eroding. There is no choice for the administration but to soften some of the edges on big issues to weaken opposition – even from within their own party. Which introduces Barack’s biggest problem. Liberals are getting mad at him!

Here’s a headline from the Huffington Post today:

“Great For Business… Terrible For Households”

Here’s another:

Key Senate Dems Signal Resistance To Troop Increase In Afghanistan

and more:

“I Am A Former Staffer Of The President’s And I Want Him To Fight Like He Promised Us”

How about this one?

White House Discloses Ethics Waivers For Agencies… Obama Tries To Soothe Liberals

In a self-destructive manner reminiscent of the last time there was a liberal president – Jimmy Carter – liberals are refusing to allow Obama to make the corrections needed to succeed. They prefer, thankfully, a blaze of glory! Facing reality is not what liberals are good at.

Fifty-five percent say the country is on the wrong track, up from 48 percent in April. The same poll found that only 46 percent of Americans now support Obama’s handling of healthcare, the president’s signature initiative, down from 49 percent in mid-July, while disapproval has increased to 50 percent from 44 percent.

Meanwhile, trust in Obama is so scarce that parents around the country are creating an uproar over what would normally be a routine event – a presidential address to public school students.

“The thing that concerned me most about it was it seemed like a direct channel from the president of the United States into the classroom, to my child,” said Brett Curtis, an engineer from Pearland, Tex., who said he would keep his three children home.

While the short-term doesn’t look good for Obama, the long-term looks worse. The war in Afghanistan is supported by just a quarter of Americans as the Obama buildup continues, and the economic recovery is expected to be worse than the recession it’s replacing.

It has become commonplace to explain each dismal job report by saying that a resurgence in employment always lags general economic recovery. But with the job market severely wounded, and with consumer spending expected to be weak for a very long time, it could easily take until 2014 for employment to recover.

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The worst thing for liberals is to put them in power – the more you see of them, the less you like them.

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  1. 1 Brian

    This is the story of Obama’s fall. It is much more compelling than the false rascism narrative of the regime’s defenders. Obama’s race has not changed from when he enjoyed acclaim. Everything else has–his trustworthiness, his lack of a record, his accountability, etc.

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