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Stunning Defeat for White House White House advisers, many of them Chicago natives, had a personal stake in the Olympics bid. THE EGO HAS LANDED WORLD REJECTS OBAMA: CHICAGO OUT IN FIRST ROUND AN OLYMPIC SNUB Chicago Stunned As 2016 Bid Is Rejected In First Round… Stunning loss for city Comments October 2, 2009 We […]

Racist Liberals


Would a conservative publication get away with portraying the President as the Boston Globe did today? Here’s the editorial from today’s Globe. Acting as if he were head of the Chicago chamber of commerce, not the leader of the United States, President Obama is traveling hat in hand to meet with the International Olympic Committee […]

Nothing For Me


Poor Michael Moore. The multi-millionaire film maker has achieved his great success not because of capitalism, but despite it! then asked Moore: “Critics would say he’s [Moore] been very successful under a capitalist system. How would you justify making a movie where you paint capitalism as evil?” Moore said: “Well, capitalism did nothing for […]