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Sick Singing


Government eduation is being exposed for what it is… the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. The silver lining to the Obama presidency is turning out to be the opportunity that America is getting to see some of these important realities that have thus far gone unnoticed by most. the truth about ACORN, the election […]

Barney. “If America had the kind of immigration policy that some people would like today my whole family would have been obviously whipped out in the Holocaust.” ” I do not have any confidence that if they announce tomorrow they were going to begin to dismantle the settlements in the West Bank that that would […]

Virginia Race


Will 2010 be the undoing of Obama? Consider this – the Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, one of two states holding a special election next month, says he’s losing because of the Democrats in Washington! Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds said in an interview that he was lagging in the polls entering the […]