Pool report describing an historic day.

3 p.m. – The president has departed the fundraiser and is heading back to Air Force One at Logan. Mission accomplished, the tally from the event hits $600,000, officials say. If you’re on the Mass Pike, you just got blocked off to make way for the motorcade.


After leaving from his speech at MIT, Obama arrived at the Westin Copley for a fundraiser for Governor Deval Patrick at 1:26 p.m.

Steve Crawford, a spokesman for the Patrick campaign, said the fundraiser and reception would bring in more than $600,000 for Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, and the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

He estimated 400 people had made the maximum $500 donation to Patrick, in order to get into the fundraiser.

There is an additional 100 to 130 people who are at the smaller reception, he said. That was supposed to cost $6,000 to get in (which entails maximum $500 contributions to Patrick and Murray, and $5,000 to the Massachusetts Democratic Party). Crawford said some of the people in the reception did not contribute the maximum amount.

On the way into the hold room, the pooler spotted former Patrick chief of staff and campaign chief Doug Rubin and his former field manager Ron


Air Force One landed at 11:27am under overcast skies and a windy day at Logan.

Senator John Kerry emerged with Obama and greeted Governor Deval Patrick, lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Obama gave Patrick a huge grin, a handshake and a big hug. The men stood together for about a minute and exchanged plesantries that could not be heard over the airplane engines.

The motorcade is off to MIT.


2 Responses to “Inspiring”

  1. 1 notDilbert

    When previous Presidents arrived in Boston they always landed at Hanscom AFB rather than Logan.. That way they only teid up local traffic and not all thoose Flights out of Logan as well.

    ……but then if he did land at Hansomb he might be seen with members of the military and he can’t have that now can we???

  2. 2 ER

    I’m so glad I didn’t have to go to Boston today.

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