Proven Right


The right has been proven right in abandoning the Republican nominee in New York’s 23rd Congressional District race by, none other than, the Republican nominee.

Republican Dede Scozzafava endorsed her former Democratic opponent Sunday in the race for an upstate New York congressional seat, shaking up the contest for the second day in a row after exiting the race Saturday.

How funny… unless, or course, you’re Newt Gingrich.

Scozzafava dropped out after Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman experienced a late-in-the-game surge. The move was expected to consolidate GOP voters behind Hoffman on Tuesday.

But on Sunday, Scozzafava issued a written statement in which she backed Democrat Bill Owens.

The decision by Scozzy could be viewed as a plot to bolster Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty, two GOP presidential contenders who had thrown their support behind the Conservative Party candidate over their own party’s nominee.

Hoffman and Owens are competing for the 23rd Congressional District seat formerly held by Republican John McHugh, who was lured away by the Obama administration to be Army secretary.

One might ask, of course, who would care what Dede has to say about the race she was forced to abandon due to dropping poll numbers and an inability to raise money.

Scozzafava was criticized by members of her party for being too moderate on social issues. However, it’s unclear how much of an impact her endorsement will have since there were mixed messages coming out of the GOP — a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee said Saturday that Scozzafava was releasing her supporters to vote for Hoffman.

The race reflects a GOP ready to rebuild around its foundational conservative beliefs. A dangerous path, Newt argues, but a necessary one in order to regain long term dominance.

“It’s rather telling when the Republican Party forces out a moderate Republican and it says, I think, a great deal about where the Republican Party is right now,” she said.

The GOP can’t be a party people can believe in if it’s going to endorse candidates who believe in the most unAmerican of Democratic beliefs – such as Card Check.

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