Team Karzai


The fraud of Obama on Afganistan expands, as he deems a corrupt election as legitimate.

Karzai declared elected president

Hamid Karzai andAbdullah


The first round of the vote in August was marred by mass fraud

Hamid Karzai has been declared the elected president of Afghanistan by poll officials, after they scrapped the planned second round of the vote.

The Independent Election Commission announcement comes a day after Mr Karzai’s sole challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, pulled out of the race.

Dr Abdullah, who had demanded key poll officials quit, said he did not think it would be a free and fair vote.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a fair vote. Abdullah was scammed by a corrupt Karzai government, and Obama used the disputed election as an excuse for delaying announcement of his decision on increasing troop levels in Afghanistan. Now, Adbullah says that none of thieves who stole the election have been removed, so the results of the runoff would be no better than those of the first election, and Obama celebrates the election results as Democracy in Action!

The first round of the vote, in August, was marred by mass electoral fraud.

“We declare Hamid Karzai, which [sic] got the majority of votes in the first round and [since] he is the only candidate for the second round… be declared as elected president of Afghanistan,” said a spokesman for the Independent Election Commission in Monday’s news conference.

But David Axelrod, the guy who runs the U.S. government, said on Face the Nation yesterday that we can breathe a sigh of relief and move forward with the Karzai government as legitimate.

“What the president said was he wanted there to be an election that proceeded in the constitutional way. It did. In fact, many ballots were thrown out, a run-off was called.

Now Mr. Abdullah has exercised his rights as a candidate to withdraw. He has made a political decision to withdraw from this contest. And that doesn’t markedly change the situation.”

Huh? He’s made a political decision? How about he’s bailed because the corruption is too thick to cut.

He said the second round on 7 November was being scrapped to save money, and to prevent further setbacks which could damage Afghanistan politically and economically… One of the reasons for holding a deciding vote had been to try to restore some legitimacy to the election after the discredited first round.

3 Responses to “Team Karzai”

  1. I agree. I’m actually surprised that others, such as yourself, are reaching the same conclusion–given the media’s story. I have just posted a brief argument that the US Government might have orchastrated Abdullah’s retreat and the cancellation of the runoff. If you’re interested,

  2. 2 Brian

    Worldwide, the Obama Administration has rapidly developed an accurate reputation as a foe of democracy and a friend of tyranny and corruption. The examples are legion: Iran (sweet-talking the mullahs and almost entirely ignoring the demonstrators), Afghanistan (cynically playing a fragile, corruption-riven democracy), Venezuela (soul-handshaking a kindred spirit like Chavez while entirely ignoring the harassed opposition), Honduras (bullyingly subverting the rule of law in that country in league with Chavez, the Castros, etc.), and last but not least, the United States (demonizing any and all dissent). The Obamathugs are wonderful folks.

  3. Thanks eu. I’ve added a link to your blog. I like to assume the obvious, so it seems likely that the Obama Admin chased Abdullah out of town, but I’m not a savvy enough Afghanistan observer to say with any confidence, so I’ve left it to you!

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