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Soccer Breasts


The power that a sharp turn of phrase can have in catalyzing public opinion is amazing – consider how Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” characterization transformed the health care debate last summer. There are two news stories right now that are doing similar damage to the White House. First, there is the story of the White […]

Double Trouble


It seems the president learned alot on his visit with his Chinese counterpart. Obama now knows enough to fear… himself! He (warned) that there’s a threat of a “double-dip recession” if the government piles on too much more debt. A “double-dip” occurs when the economy quickly slips back into recession after emerging from a downturn. […]

The White House spin after the Democrats lost key elections in Virginia and New Jersey a couple of weeks ago was the results didn’t reflect falling support for the president – instead, they argued, the losses were about local issues. Since then, however, a flurry of new polls makes clear that Democrats are facing deeper […]