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Photo-Op Bama


It’s tough for the president to succeed while trying to be cute. Especially while visiting with the troops in South Korea, where he told them they made a good photo-op! This as Obama’s approval ratings continue to drop, with a second poll in two days showing him below 50%. ….a Fox News poll released Thursday […]



She fought the law and the law won. The daughter of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) was arrested in Hollywood early this morning for alleged drunk driving. Los Angeles police say Alexandra Kerry, 36, was stopped by police during a traffic stop at about 12:40 a.m. We could not confirm rumors that Kerry has been consulting to […]

Why doesn’t PETA celebrate diversity? The film, in which a part-fried fish is shown breathing and wriggling on a plate as it is being slowly eaten alive in a restaurant, has been posted on the video-sharing website YouTube. Aren’t we supposed to defer our on cultural preferences, automatically, in favor of other cultural practices? In […]

Autumn Fall


The Rasmussen poll, which surveys likely voters, has shown President Obama’s approval ratings in the upper forties for months. Now another poll, one that surveys registered voters – a less select group who are less informed and thus slower to reflect the decline – has dropped below 50%. Obama’s approval rating fell to 48% in […]