Good Thinking


After Adam Lambert’s pornographic performance at the American Music Awards, this seems the least ABC can do.

First on TVNewser: American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert won’t be appearing on “Good Morning America” tomorrow.

TVNewser has learned ABC News canceled the concert after Lambert’s sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards Sunday night. Lambert led men on leashes, dragged a woman by her foot, and smashed a man’s head into his crotch, all while singing his new single “For Your Entertainment.”

They ended up cutting the simulated oral sex when the show aired on delay on the west coast, which makes one wonder why they allowed the performance to go on the air at all.

ABC, which aired the awards show, received about 1,500 phone calls from people complaining about the performance, a number ABC calls “moderate.”

Lambert had promoted the appearance promising that he’d be offering up a shocker, and don’t they do these things on a 10 second delay since the Wardrobe Malfunction at the Super Bowl a couple of years back?

An ABC News spokesperson tells TVNewser, “given his controversial live performance on the AMAs we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

Lambert performed as part of GMA’s summer concert series in August, and it was in a “20/20” interview that Lambert came out, telling Chris Connelly, “I am gay, and I’m very comfortable with it.”


One Response to “Good Thinking”

  1. ABC cancelled but CBS is putting him on instead. Adam Lambert has has a lot of talent as he proved on American Idol. He wasn’t raunchy and pathetic then. It’s too bad he feels he has to sink down that low to perform. It’s a turn off and I won’t be watching.

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