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Reality Show


The party crashers got the big prize, a handshake with the president! A White House official says the Virginia couple who attended a state dinner without an invitation met President Barack Obama in the receiving line. That’s security for you in the star struck White House, where authority has lost out to Hollywood! Michaele and […]

No Reform


What does the former head of the Democratic National Committee and almost Democratic presidential nominee Howard Dean say about Obama Care in its present form? “…there’s really no insurance reform in this bill…” says Dean. “I just figured this out in the last few days… You can be charged twice as much for insurance if […]

Perhaps you’ve been too busy to learn the story of the couple that wasn’t invited to the White House the other night, but who went, and got in, anyway. Not two hours after the party, Mrs. Salahi had on her Facebook page a dozen photos of her and her husband with Washington’s social elite. I […]