No Reform


What does the former head of the Democratic National Committee and almost Democratic presidential nominee Howard Dean say about Obama Care in its present form?

“…there’s really no insurance reform in this bill…” says Dean. “I just figured this out in the last few days… You can be charged twice as much for insurance if you have a preexisting condition…”

A Public Option is the only part of the bill that makes it worth voting for, according to Dean, apparently because he’s so confident the PO will drive the private insurers under. The rest of the bill represents a gift to the insurance companies, he says.

You know, what this is is a giant bail-out. This is a bail-out that makes AIG look cheap. Sixty billion dollars a year go to the insurance companies under this bill. Now if we can get a public option, I think that’s OK, but if you don’t have a public option, why would you want to stick the taxpayers with yet another bail-out? They bailed out the banks, they bailed out AIG. This is a trillion-dollar bailout.

Dean’s fear over the nature of this legislation if passed without the Public Option reveals just how dangerous it is overall. His faith in the PO reveals his mistrust of the private sector. For those of us who fear the impact of government involvement, the dangers are even greater.

If you don’t get reform, you got the system that we have today, you are gradually going to start uninsuring people, because we are not going to be able to maintain this system. This does nothing to control costs.

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