The Inconvenient Truth


An unintended consequence of having a radical in the White House is that the president’s fellow socialists feel free to speak honestly. In the past, Democrats have pretended to believe in the values of America. With Obama as President, they’re not able to control themselves. This is not good news for them, of course, but it is good news for the country.

The inconvenient truth is that Obama and his crowd don’t believe in the America that was designed and implemented by our founders. They believe in something different. Howard Dean admits it here, just as Barack did in 2001, when he talked about positive rights – the idea that the government owes citizens certain results in their lives rather than opportunity to achieve for themselves.

That’s what tranformational is all about. Which is why Obama is the worst thing that’s happened to the Democrats in a long time.

One Response to “The Inconvenient Truth”

  1. 1 Brian

    There are many millions of true believers in the post-Constitutional US, and an untold number of persons eager to be bought off to aid the Democrats’ effort to destroy what is left of our original principles. The candor of liberals is intended as a sign of Democrats’ perception of their strength, and is propaganda in service of rallying their cadres to gut the Constitution. They are playing to win, and believe that the horror felt by other Americans is irrelevant.

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