Another Honest Liberal


It is an epidemic – with a radical in the White House, liberals are just getting more careless and are admitting their true beliefs (please see my prior post.) Chris Matthews is the latest – daring to refer to West Point as enemy territory for the President’s Afghanistan speech Tuesday night.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews wishes he could have phrased his point about President Obama’s speech at West Point last night a little better after he referred to the venerated military academy as an “enemy camp.”

I like Chris Matthews – he’s passionate about politics, and he wears his liberalism on his sleeve. That’s much better than the usual silent liberal news guys.

Matthews was saying that Obama was not getting the warmest of receptions from the cadets in the audience, and that his decision to make this speech at West Point was “interesting” because Obama “went to maybe the enemy camp tonight.”

Chris does need to learn that the troops work for the Commander in Chief, and that happens to be Obama. It’s also likely that the majority of these young folks voted for Hope and Change, although they’ve also likely correct course since making that mistake.

While most recoil at this sort of talk as an insult to the military, I think it’s worse than that. It is an insult to the Democratic Party, an admission of their disdain for the strong defense of the nation. It feeds the growing perception, accurate, I think, of Democrats as “the other,” those whose values are out of step with the mainstream of the country.

3 Responses to “Another Honest Liberal”

  1. 1 Candace from Illinois

    I disagree on two counts. First, it is not likely that the majority of these young people in Obama’s audience voted for him. Many of them joined the military to fight in the war on terror. They know quite well how to assess their boss. It is far more likely that they would have voted for a military man like John McCain,
    Second, Chris Matthews’ words are a complete insult to these brave military men and women but not so to the Democrat party. They proudly wear their disdain for the military, albeit subtle at times. Matthews, as a commentator, just had his own coming out party. That’s all there is to it.

  2. 2 The Professor

    I find nothing about Matthews likable.

    He is a socialist.

  3. 3 Brian

    Matthews is an execrable and destructive gasbag who has felt empowered to blurt out his bromantic infatuation with the Anointed One and his hatred for American military forces.

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